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My name is Sofie.


I am 33 years old and hail from Denmark in Scandinavia.


I am a photographer and business owner, specializing in content creation, mentorship, and education, along with social media management for other companies.


My passion lies in people, and in my work with models and all the individuals in front of my camera, my foremost mission is to create a safe environment for them to shine.


My friends often describe me as a dreamer.


I long to settle down on a palm beach, where I can take my morning walks barefoot.


I am the great combination between extroverted and introverted. I indeed need my alone time, indulging in deep yoga stretches and coffee breaks. But I also relish a good conversation and hitting the dance floor.


I have been in love with my husband for 13 years, and together we have created three lives.

sofie hammer




I can deliver high-quality content from start to finish for you that represents your brand and vision. 

As the creative lead, I will collaborate with you and your team to meticulously strategise and seamlessly execute beautiful photography and videography that meets your needs. 


This service is ideal if you are looking to collaborate on campaign shoots, look-books and collection launches etc. 



A single session could be right for you if you need some updated visuals for your brand but are not in a position to commit to a full-bespoke shoot at this time. 


I offer these shoots at a full-day or half-day rate, which can be customized to meet your needs. 


I can provide a curated selection of models, and if needed, I can reach out to a trusted partner who offers a diverse range of models. However, if you have your own models available, I'm more than happy to work with them.



With my subscription service, I will fulfil your designated deliverables on a monthly schedule providing you with a stream of regular content. 


This service could be right for you if you like to know what your monthly financial outgoings are from the offset and would like to receive a steady feed of visuals. 


This service allows you to capitalize on the benefits of shifting seasons and my surroundings, ensuring that each delivery is unique. 



• Videography​​.


• Analogue shooting.


• Influencer collaboration.


• Business branding shoots. 


• Social media management

• Virtual Assistant of social media management, content creation; photo & film, canva & graphics, copywriting, email marketing, website updates, business advice & more. 



Play with your creativity and make your photos stand out using my presets.

I've developed these presets over the years, and new ones will be added regularly.

Consider these presets as a foundation for your own photos, allowing you to develop your own personal style and expression from there.



With my background as a photographer,I bring in-depth creative expertise in photography, videography, and the creation of visual identities to the table. My heart beats for capturing those small, magical moments that make your vision and mission unique. My goal is always to create visual content that not only showcases the collection or service you have, but also conveys the emotions and stories behind it. I am technically skilled and creative, and I am confident that my work can capture your aesthetics and spirit.

My love for fashion and style is a driving force in my work as a stylist. I see clothing, jewelry, shoes, hats, eyewear, among others, as more than just products – it’s all art, and my task is to present them in a way that evokes emotions and excitement. I have a passion for creating styling concepts that align with your unique brand identity and help establish an authentic connection with your target audience.


My work with models goes beyond just styling them; it’s about creating a space where they can express themselves genuinely and authentically. I believe that the true beauty of fashion emerges when models feel comfortable and confident. I take pride in fostering a collaborative environment where we can capture your collections in the best light possible.


Finding the perfect locations is like discovering hidden treasures that can add an extra dimension to my con- tent creations. My fascination with places and cultures drives me to search for unique locations that perfectly match the mood and message of the project.

I believe that my passion for fashion, my technical prowers, and my dedication to delivering exceptional visu- al content can enrich your brand. I hope to become a part of your team and work closely together to create beautiful and inspiring images and videos that will bring out the unique characters and style of your collections or services.



Are you ready to embark on a journey that will transform your photography skills and elevate your business acumen?


Whether you're an aspiring photographer looking to turn your passion into a profession or an established photographer or corporation seeking to refine your craft and grow your business, this program is designed for you.

If you dream of delving deeper into your passion, you can book a one-on-one mentorship program. In addition to reviewing techniques, composition, lighting, and practical exercises, the one-on-one program also includes knowledge about using Lightroom Classic and editing, as well as real photoshoots with models at locations.

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